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The History Behind Branding Fit

Branding Fit was born from a combination of passions. Justin Nealey, the founder, has been helping businesses grow their brand and online presence now for 6 years consistently.

He also has a passion for living a healthy and fit life. After many conversations at the gym with people looking to get their name out there, he discovered there was a knowledge gap that he knew he could fill. Those people were great at building relationships, showing off what they loved to do, and adding value to their followers but struggled with getting a website, following the right strategies, and taking their brand to the next phase of its journey. Thus Branding Fit was born to help fitness fanatics create a fitness brand that gets recognized.


Who’s behind the curtain?

There’s no reason to hide behind fake lifestyles and trickery.


Justin Nealey


On the pursuit to create a legacy around adding value to the fitness community.

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A good web presence is like a good workout. You can’t reach your goals without one!